Thank You For Your Time

Time is the only constant. Time will always keep moving, there is no pausing, there is no rewinding. We often want more and this is why time is the most valuable gift we give and receive in life.

One of my favorite quotes is the following one from Margaret Peters: “Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.” Right now it seems as though I’m running out of time and all I can think about is “what really matters” and oddly enough, to me, that is time. Since I’ve decided to move away from home, I’ve been trying to cram so much life into a single day and it’s exhausting, but all the time I’ve got left with this place and these people that I love just doesn’t seem like enough.

I think what really has made an impact on my life this year has been the people who have chosen to “spend time” with me. Time is not something we can get back, so spending time with me, is a debt I will never be able to repay. I am surrounded by so many beautiful people who take precious moments of their life and willingly spend them with me, no matter how annoying I am or how tired they are. While I’m away from home on this new journey, it will be the people who have stood beside me while I decided to let go of memories that caused me pain, the ones who drove for hours aimlessly just to talk about all of the parts of life that aren’t fair and don’t make sense, those who chose to spend Sunday afternoons with my pup and I and everyone who has taken the time to make sure every I am smiling as often as possible, that I will miss most.

While the gift of time has made me incredibly happy, it also has taught me a very tough, but important lesson: Those who truly care will always have time for you, whether it be a phone call, a text message, a surprise visit after a bad day, a whole day or just an hour and a bottle of wine. I have chosen to make my last few weeks in Rhode Island count by spending my time with those who have consistently shared their own time with me and I have never felt more blessed in my entire life. I am so damn fortunate.

This week, time will go by seemingly faster than I plan, and I will be saying many teary eyed goodbyes to family, friends, co-workers, places and animals, but I will go to Nashville with a full heart because I have been able to spend amazing moments with you all. So thank you all for your time, without a doubt, it has been the most valuable gift I have ever received.






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