For The Friends Who Have Always Stood By Me

In writing this post I’m going to assume most of us have seen Stand By Me…if not, watch it…especially as an adult…hits you right in the feels…and causes you to reminisce on the golden memories from your childhood.

This one part in particular really sticks with me, especially now:


The best friends I had growing up were something else, to say the least. Every weekend we spent together. From playing basketball, having sleepovers, cooking bacon at 3am, watching movies, being loud and crazy, going on “adventures” and just being happy. I can remember these days as if they were yesterday. We were so carefree and sheltered from the harsh realities that the real world would soon hit us with. Even the bad times weren’t that bad. We went through divorces, remarriages, losing big games, losing loved ones, “heartbreaks,” new schools, and a lot of other painful stuff. I think the worst thing we ever went through was growing apart.  Some of us had our differences throughout the years, but looking back, nothing ever stopped us from caring about each other.  It happens, of course, its inevitable, but once high school started, we all kind of started drifting apart. We all made new friends, good friends, the best of friends and even some bad friends, but we tried our best to keep in touch with our original group and that wasn’t always easy.  We went through proms and graduation together, because in times of change, we always went back to where we started.


It became increasingly more difficult to keep in touch once college began. Some of us moved out of state, while others remained here. The occasional “Hey how’s life?” conversation would happen over text, and we’d try to get together over breaks, but we were busy. We had separate lives, things were no longer the same as when we were kids.

While life certainly got in the way of our friendship, one thing never changed: We could reunite after months, even years of not seeing one another, but it would feel as though no time had passed at all. We could be sitting in a bar for a beer and seemingly pick up where we left off. Of course we have new stories and experiences to share, but our connection is something that has never gone away, and, at this point we have been friends for over 10 years, I don’t think it ever will. My favorite part about my middle school friend group is that we always welcome new additions, it’s brings a nice mix of old memories and new ones.


In general, I have the best friends a young woman like me could ask for, old and new. So shout out to all of you for always standing by me. Thank you.  In the coming years, we will move to different parts of the country, get married, have kids (AREN’T WE STILL KIDS), we will miss and reminisce on the good times, but we will always have the memories we made.  I will never find a better group of friends than the ones I grew up with. No matter how far apart, or how much time passes before we talk again, just know the memories we made as kids have shaped me into the young woman I am today. I love you all.




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