Why now? Why not now?

Why now?

Ever since I was really young, I have always loved writing. I spent a lot of time being grounded as a kid and without any TV or electronics I was “forced” to read or write. I used to read books that allowed me to escape the real world, my favorites will always be the Harry Potter series in its entirety. I used to write creative stories about dinosaurs and magical places, my head was always in clouds and never quite here on Earth. Then as I grew up, I was again “forced” to read and write for school, reading pieces of famous history and literature and then analyzing them. I actually found a lot of joy in this, which lead me to my decision to declare as an English and Textual Studies and History major at Syracuse University. There, I read lots of books and wrote lots of papers, but I realized I missed the writing I used to do as a grounded kid, where I could express myself and escape.



So now, here I am… writing to express myself, escape and share my experiences as a 22 year old walking paradox.

Why not now?


2 thoughts on “Why now? Why not now?

  1. I’m so glad I found another new reading & writing blogger! You sound really creative and cool – just clicked Follow! I’m looking forward to supporting your blog and seeing your posts pop up in my reader. Maybe you could head on over to my site and give me a follow too? 🙂


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